May 2021

SHARON May 26, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR As we pass between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it’s natural to reflect on your own experience as a child and at the same time ponder our own parenting approach. Many of us worry and agonize over the decisions we make for our children and the methods […]

SHARON May 18, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR There has been a surge of promotion for mindfulness techniques, meditations, and lifestyle changes. That focus makes complete sense in light of the increasingly complex world we live in. We have to have something to help us cope with all the stimulation present in our society and […]

SHARON May 10, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR This book is a treasure for anyone who loves a story of two distinct timelines that relate in more ways than one. Author, Sarah Penner, leads her reader to a mysterious London Apothecary owned by Nella over two hundred years ago. Remedies are doled out for a […]

When Was the Last Time You Explored Your Identity? SHARON May 4, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR If you are an adult living in the midst of career and family obligations, you probably dismiss the notion of reviewing your own identity. Wasn’t that step over back in those rocky teenage years? The truth is, a […]