June 2021

SHARON June 13, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Have you ever regretted the choices you’ve made in life? In The Midnight Library, Nora Seed regrets everything, believing she is insignificant and of no use to anyone. She can’t even properly care for her cat, which happens to be the last straw in her state of […]

SHARON June 11, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR When I was in my early twenties, I accepted a position at a group home for teenagers who were wards of the state. I enjoyed the work and saw promise and potential in the kids immediately. They had been dealt a most rotten hand in life and […]

SHARON June 6, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Ordinary Grace is one of those novels that wraps you up in a time period with vivid details as told from the perspective of Frank Drum, looking back on his thirteenth summer in 1961. The setting of New Bremen, Minnesota represents typical American small towns with networks […]

How Do We Keep Creating After Soul Crushing Rejection? SHARON June 4, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR A few weeks after sending out another batch of query materials, I received a bit of feedback. The first of which was a three line form letter that quickly got the point across. My work was not for […]