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BOOK REVIEW Kill All Your Darlings


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David Bell’s newest thriller, Kill All Your Darlings, takes us through those mysterious college hallways where the inside politics behind classroom lecture halls are revealed. That pressure to publish is real. It’s easy to see why Professor Connor Nye passed off a missing student’s manuscript as his own. After losing his wife and son in an accident, he simply couldn’t muster up the creative juices to come up with his own novel. Unfortunately, Connor didn’t count on dredging up the inside scoop of a crime. Murder. Once the missing student comes knocking and the then the police come knocking, Connor is backed into a proverbial corner with no way out.

Bell explores the age-old value of honesty and the fine art of knowing who to trust all while wading through the depths of loss. These characters struggle to cope with life’s responsibilities and natural obstacles finding help in the unlikeliest of places.

If you love a good mystery that keeps your guesses in check right up the end, you’ll need to put Kill All Your Darlings on your list.

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