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The last car turned out of the drive, leaving a puff of dust in its wake. I turned to my husband with a weary smile. “Another family night in the books.” We strolled along the

Blankets of rain and wind assaulted the seaweed riddled beach in Cancun, Mexico all week, transforming our long-awaited vacation into a staycation. I shook my head, giving my husba

BOOK REVIEW Lauren K. Denton’s newest Southern novel, The Summer House led me through a tranquil path, curled up on my porch swing. This journey takes place in the peaceful town

BOOK REVIEW Jojo Moyes has outdone herself with a novel set in the mountains of Kentucky during the Great Depression. The Giver of Stars draws you in with immediate tension as five

BOOK REVIEW The Scent Keeper is Erica Bauermeister’s heavenly work of art. This story is a unique coming of age journey for Emmeline as she grows up on an island with only her fa