BOOK REVIEW Her Every Move by Kelly Irvin


I’m guilty – I judged a book by its cover. But this time it paid off. Kelly Irvine, a bestselling author with 19 books penned in her name, gives her all to each page. Her Every Move features an independent woman dedicated to her beliefs and living life on her terms. Then, add in Detective, Avery Wick, who throws himself into every case, determined to catch the bad guy or gal.

The novel draws you in immediately when a serial bomber strikes at every turn, not only robbing Jackie Santoro of loved ones, but drawing her into the path of police as a suspect. Her family connections and losses make her a target. As the police struggle in the wake of a sadistic killer, Avery, is forced to join forces with his suspect Jackie while fighting his attraction to her. This cast of characters is culturally diverse and honorably represented. Impressive details of the setting and events are accurate and clearly portrayed. It’s easy to lose yourself in the pages of this fast-paced novel in which several possibilities exist in terms of who is behind all these evil deeds.

Kelly Irvin is one of those Christian writers who tells an exciting story while keeping the players real and true to life. If you like a book with an intricate plot and relatable characters that holds your attention throughout, you will enjoy Her Every Move.

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