BOOK REVIEW  Lock Every Door by Riley Sager


Jules Larsen answers an ad for an apartment sitter at the Bartholomew located across from Central Park and exclusive to the rich and famous. The opportunity to live in the very spot she has idolized all her life is a thrill that comes along at the most critical time of her life. She just might be able to get her life back on track. As an apartment sitter, she is paid an exorbitant amount of money to keep the suite lived in as long as she follows a set of rather strange rules.


After settling into the historically embellished building, she quickly notices unusual noises and events all around, culminating in the strange disappearance of other apartment sitters. Secretly investigating the building’s past and a series of unusual reports, she stays despite the warnings, if only to find the truth. Will Jules survive the truth?


I began this book skeptically since I was not familiar with this author. That instantly changed as I was swept into the story through compelling suspense. I simply couldn’t put this thriller down. The fast pace and well-rounded characters kept me locked in to the final door!

This read will set your imagination on fire.

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