BOOK REVIEW The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult


If you are a fan of bestselling author, Jodi Picoult, you are familiar with her bold examinations of deep moral dilemmas and riveting plots. The Book of Two Ways delivers big on each of those counts.


Dawn Edelstein stays as close to death as anyone possibly can. She is a social worker who assists those with terminal conditions in their preparation of death and ensures their peaceful transition. As a death doula, she has been living a good life married to Brian and delicately parenting her teenage daughter.

That is until life as she knows it is drastically altered when she faces her own death. Dawn confronts her past after surviving a terrifying plane crash. The choices she made 15 years earlier involve Wyatt Armstrong and her love of Egyptology. While working toward her Ph.D. alongside Wyatt, she studied ancient remains and Egyptian culture dreaming of unearthing the well-preserved mummies and their crypts that ushered them into the afterlife.

The Book of Two Ways brings to light moral questions we all ask about the most important choices we make. The secrets we hold deep and the hopes we have as we prepare to look back on our lives are carefully explored within these pages.

What I appreciate most about Picoult’s writing is the depth of her research and the careful depiction of the Egyptian culture and afterlife. If learning something new and exploring life’s greatest questions sounds intriguing to you, this one is a gem.

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