Book Review   The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah


As a consistent fan of Kristin Hannah, I had to order this new release the moment it popped up on Amazon. Hannah’s beautiful and honest depiction of an era we feel further removed from than ever – The Great Depression, is a welcome reminder of our circular patterns in history.


Sure, we think we have it hard, especially lately. Yet, the pressures of life and struggle to simply survive were accurately portrayed in this story reminding me of how humans tend to face similar bouts of judgement and struggle against inequality. Hard working folks fell victim to drought, weather, and the greed of the wealthy in those days. There was no stimulus check, food given to school children, or aid to save an evicted homeowner or farm.


Since I grew up on a family farm among other farmers, the reliance on the land and factors we couldn’t control strikes a chord for me. The women of this adventure of The Four Winds show their strength and courage, inspiring me to keep my head up despite a world I get discouraged with at times.


I believe it is a matter of perspective when we face struggles. Reading the plight of Elsa Wolcott Martinelli reminds me that our current times are a fair amount kinder than those of the past. But there is still work to be done. Just as she endured injustices, we still see a myriad of problems today in our attempt to work together toward a brighter future.


The time period, set of situations, and authentic portrayal of traumatic events pack this book with tension and may unleash a range of emotions for most readers.  I recommend The Four Winds for anyone who enjoys historical connection and an exploration of the deeply human experience of struggle, growth, and perseverance. Thank you Kristin Hannah for another adventure through the eyes of women of substance!

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