Creative outlets are powerful!

Creative outlets are as powerful as a cleansing therapy session, a mini-vacation, or even a restorative slumber. If you don’t believe me, you haven’t lost yourself in a passion project or stumbled into that trance that allows everything around you to seep far away while time escapes.

Becoming engrossed in that thing that lulls your full concentration, while you experiment and create those products that never existed, are savory moments indeed. What is it you long to do? What would you create if you had plenty of time?

There are a couple of things that get in our way of that spectacular moment of innovation. First, let me be blunt.

There is a high probability that your paintings will not rival Picasso and your meal creations will not cut the mustard quite like Guy Fieri or Rachel Ray. Your furniture probably won’t be show cased on reality television.

The point is, we all want our work to be worth our time and reflect how talented we are. Yet, reality dictates that it requires thousands of hours of practice to become an expert. Our infrequent and feverish attempts to make something everyone will adore can lead to disappointment right off the bat.

In order to enjoy the creative life and avoid throwing your painting into a dumpster, try a couple of ideas. First, set out with realistic expectations. Your first knitting session will not transform that yarn into a gorgeous heirloom blanket, but it might make a perfect scarf for winter. If you hit that sweet spot of becoming carried away with your work enough, you will see your talent emerge if you keep devoting time and energy to the craft.

Next, be willing to learn all you can about your interest. Let your passion for it drive you to watch YouTube videos or pod casts. Read books or go to adult education classes or visit your local library to soak in the tips of the trade from as many angles as you can.

The other issue we tend to have is that we may not explore our interests for the right reasons. There are no perfect answers for how you should approach your creative outlet. But, try to disengage yourself from impressing others or showing up your friend who happens to be a best selling author. Comparing yourself is normal, but it isn’t any fun. Creative endeavors are all about YOUR personal growth. Focus on self-improvement and stay in the moment so it will lead to a mesmerizing experience. That’s one of the beautiful pieces of life through transcendence and having an experience to look forward to between life’s struggles and responsibilities.

Using the creative part of your brain will spill over into all facets of your life providing you with joy and maybe even spreading that enthusiasm for life to those around you. So, here’s to that photo collage or stained glass collection!

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