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I recently had the privilege of meeting author, Dr. David Bell, master of suspense and creator of yet another novel set in a realistic, American small town.

When my turn came for picking the next read for my book club, I snagged the opportunity to take up the latest David Bell release. He graciously attended our book club via Zoom (thanks to social distancing rules) and let us question him for the greater part of an hour about The Request.

We all have that one old friend from high school or college who drug us through escapades we would prefer to forget. You know the one you really shouldn’t reconnect with from your past – at least not now that you’re grown up and responsible? In this case, a reconnection is especially dangerous for a number of reasons.

A daring request exposes Ryan and his wife, Amanda, to a web of regret and distrust. Once Blake reenters their lives, he rattles the skeletons from Ryan’s college days forcing Ryan to risk his perfectly constructed life. The problem is, Ryan doesn’t know the half of it. The favor he does for his old friend places him square in the center of a murder investigation making it quite difficult to hide his secrets.

I recommend following David Bell and investing your time in The Request.  Like his previous nine books, David Bell holds the suspense with a racing pace to the final page. Dr. Bell is known for sharing his expert knowledge with students learning the craft and supports the great work of libraries everywhere. If you are fortunate enough to include his book in your next book club event, try inviting him to your living room (or computer) for a personal conversation you will thoroughly enjoy.

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