Review of Next Year in Havana


I relished a full immersion into the breathtaking land of Cuba while learning about the culture and historical period known as the revolution. Marisol, an independent journalist, visits Havana to spread her beloved grandmother’s ashes in her homeland. Her journey of self-discovery unfolds with clarity when she returns to the land and people of her Cuban-American heritage braving the lurking danger that still remains. Marisol unravels secrets linking the past with the future, while forming a connection with a mysterious Cuban revolutionary. The first hand account of Elisa, Marisol’s grandmother, is woven into the narrative allowing the reader to feel the heat of danger rise through her experience as the daughter of a sugar baron. Elisa and Marisol live through different times, but demonstrate similar courage and devotion to their rich heritage. Pick this one up for a sensual walk through Havana.

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