The Mood Boosting Benefits of Autumn

I have been in love with Fall for as long as I can remember, even though I’m not so excited about the fact that winter is chasing its heels. Fortunately, I’m not alone. Autumn happens to be a favorite season for most people. All those pumpkins spiced lattes and wagon rides are not the only reason you may be feeling lighter and happier lately.

Research suggests that the brightness and vividness of the changing leaves signal our brains to feel refreshed and stimulated by our new surroundings.


The tailgating, sweater-wearing weather also serves to energize us. Traditions of visiting orchards, watching football, crowding around bonfires with smores in the making, and sipping apple cider help us reminisce and find comfort.

The cooler weather also calms our nervous system in contrast to the heat of summer. When we experience irritating heat through those warm months, our neurological system can feel taxed, and our brains interpret that as anxiety and distress. The cooler sensation of harvest season gives us relief on the outside and inside.


So, what shall we do with all that boost in mood, not to mention the relief from all the transformation around us?


Don your favorite sweatshirt and get outside in the middle of all that beauty. Collect a bouquet of different colored leaves and look for wildlife moving around.

Cook and savor the unique flavors of the season. Keep your traditions alive or create memories now by finding the nearest corn maze, haunted house, or pumpkin patch.

Join up with the tailgaters, toss the football around, or take pictures of the best scenery money can’t buy.

This is also the season to spark your creativity. Write. Draw. Paint. Cook. Play guitar by the fire.

This is a limited offer and only comes once each year.


I encourage you to let Autumn spark a fire in you today.

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