The Summer House


Lauren K. Denton’s newest Southern novel, The Summer House led me through a tranquil path, curled up on my porch swing. This journey takes place in the peaceful town of Safe Harbor, Alabama, where I would love to stroll along the water’s edge and visit the endearing characters of this novel. Two strong women from different walks of life, face the need for change. Lily, a young woman, finds herself alone after her marriage ends, while Rose, owner of a busy retirement village, needs someone to run her hair salon. 

The two make an unlikely pair, but gravitate to one another. They create just the right degree of friction to propel the other to reach beyond their comfort zone. The mixture of a whole community of personalities and lively stories of residents of the retirement village provide steady enjoyment for the reader. This book is like connecting with a dear, childhood friend. Find a soft blanket and top off your iced tea for this one.

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