Author: Sharon

SHARON June 26, 2022 SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR A recent trend caught my attention in the headlines as it scrolled past last week.  I rode along the transit options of New York City and learned that optimism is a state of mind connected to longevity, better physical and mental health, and greater happiness. Sounds […]

  Is there a difference between pure evil and horrendous, yet justifiable crime? Officer Philomena McCarthy would say no. That honest to a fault lens of policework developed from her own dependence on a heroic policewoman rendering aid during a catastrophe when she was a child. Now as a young woman, Philomena is determined to […]

SHARON April 5, 2022SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Several years have passed since I’ve been able to go home. Not the one I sleep in every night with my family. I’m talking about the one I came home from the hospital to, and got on the school bus in front of, and ate my mother’s […]

SHARON March 8, 2022SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR How can something as simple as inhaling and exhaling alter our state of mind and health? Breathing is one of those things we completely take for granted. We rely on our body’s autonomic nervous system to keep us breathing while we sleep, eat, exercise, and sit around […]

SHARON November 5, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR I have been in love with Fall for as long as I can remember, even though I’m not so excited about the fact that winter is chasing its heels. Fortunately, I’m not alone. Autumn happens to be a favorite season for most people. All those pumpkins spiced […]