BOOK REVIEW  Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library


Have you ever regretted the choices you’ve made in life? In The Midnight Library, Nora Seed regrets everything, believing she is insignificant and of no use to anyone. She can’t even properly care for her cat, which happens to be the last straw in her state of despair. Nora wishes to die.

Then Nora enters the mysterious midnight library where she finds Mrs. Elm, the school librarian she always found so comforting. This library is perpetually stuck at midnight and Mrs. Elm offers Nora the elaborate choice of books on shelves galore that allow Nora to undo every possible regret and live out a set of different choices. Nora takes full advantage of the opportunity to alter her life’s trajectory even through unsuspected dangers.

I personally related well to this exploration of how we evaluate the value of our existence and ponder what it means to live a good life. I encourage you to read this story all the way through to fully grasp a new perspective you can apply to your own life, choices, and the value of the smallest of things we often overlook.

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