The Book of Lost Friends


Lisa Wingate doesn’t shy away from giving a heart wrenching portrayal of individual suffering caused by some of the greatest injustices ever faced. Her newest release, The Book of Lost Friends is giving me a front seat view of historical events of the 1875 period of Reconstruction in the deep South of Louisiana. 

I’m well on my way through a journey I have never considered in America’s rocky past. A desperate search for lost loved ones and friends ensued in the wake of the Civil War. That period of “freedom” for ex-slaves marked a time of new dangers as they envisioned reunification with the ones ripped from their lives through torturous circumstances. The accounts of three individuals seeking their lost connections is told with an added perspective of a first year teacher, Benny, struggling to meet the needs of her poverty stricken Mississippi students in 1987. Benny learns far more than she anticipated about those long ago separations and the desire we can all relate to of reconnecting with those unrightfully pulled away from us. 

Lisa Wingate knows how to authentically take us on an expedition, teaching us truths while helping us understand the plight of our fellow humans.

Now, pardon me while I return to my adventure with Lisa. Happy reading.

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