A Moment of Gratitude

Gratitude blossoms from attention. I can’t help but attend more intimately to my surroundings this year. My world has shrunk to a space the size of my dwellings. I drive to a handful of places and look to my closest relatives for discussions that hopefully pull us to a place of laughter, mundane topics, and old memories. This week I’m purposely avoiding the elephants all around like the pandemic, election drama, and social challenges. I long for that blanket-like comfort of peace and nostalgia holidays bring.

Although this season is sparse with voices and hugs, I sense the days ahead will be filled with different, but equally powerful forces of love. I can’t wait to stand side by side with young women competently taking on my role over the years. I expect we will fall into our slow dance of chopping, sautéing, and stirring steamy pots around the kitchen island while the men hover over the smoky grill. Laughing, teasing, importune hugs will lighten our worn spirits.

At one point, I will sink into the corner, observing the details, committing each color and movement to memory. The commotion, scents, sounds will flood my senses. My husband will brush past in his long apron updating me on the internal meat temperature, cooking time, and degree of juiciness estimated. He will rub elbows with our new son-in-law engaging in philosophical discussions about the sports world and hunting forecast.



I will observe my children, still seeing them as a slide show of images through the years, culminating in their adult presence. Gratitude for what is, has been, and a hope for the future comes easy. I invite you to savor much more than turkey or stuffing. Look for moments. Capture the essence of the spirit of thankfulness. Stand still and take it in like a camera shot. May it last as you hold it tight.

What are you grateful for this year?  Share here to spread your gratitude.

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