BOOK REVIEW        “Until I Find You” by Rea Frey

Major life adjustments keep coming at new mother, Rebecca (Bec) Gray. Her husband died in a car accident, and she lost her mother to heart disease. As if this talented cello player isn’t lonely and grief stricken enough, she must also navigate the world without her vision.

What Bec can count on is her dependable group of gal pals in the close-knit community of Elmhurst, Illinois. The upper-class neighborhood is complete with unique women working, raising children, and tending their well-arranged lives. One particular friend, Crystal, connects with Bec as a recent widow and mother of young Savi. Even though a grief group brought them together, their bond holds them afloat as Bec gives Savi cello lessons and Crystal struggles to understand her daughter’s strange behavior. Is it simply Savi’s grief after the loss of her father or something far more concerning?

As these two women take on the challenges of their new lives, Bec is pushed further into inner turmoil when she wakes from an unsettling situation to discover that her infant son, Jackson, is not the baby in his crib. Her friends and neighbors as well as her ex-boyfriend cop, respond with doubt and worry for Bec’s well-being. The baby looks like Jackson, yet a mother’s intuition is all she has going for her. That is, except for a fierce love and determination to find her child.

In this suspenseful story that reveals the deepest of bonds between mother and child, Frey keeps you guessing until the bitter end how the strangest of situations could befall Bec. Throughout this novel, I was caught up in the lively group of friends and unimaginable obstacles that Bec and Crystal faced. Frey’s style is fresh, captivating, and definitely worth the ride.

I encourage you to check this one out if you enjoy reading about a deserving heroine with the strength and drive to persevere against every sort of obstacle.

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