Excited About Groundhog Day?? Come Out of Your Hole & See What’s Ahead


I send a hearty thank you to my friends in Germany for the custom we acknowledge called Groundhog Day. Grant it, they depend on a badger to peak out at its shadow, but since those of us in North America have a fairly ample population of groundhogs volunteering for the job, they’ve been our star since the late 1880s.

Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is one famous groundhog as his appearance each February 2nd supposedly predicts the early or late arrival of spring. Unfortunately, the poor fellow has a batting average of only 40% at best.

This practice, like many is “grounded” in some practicality. When Mr. Phil checks out the weather conditions, he needs to determine the likelihood of a hard winter that could delay his hunt for food and mating season. The length of his hibernation is critical to his survival since he is literally conserving energy throughout his deep sleep and needs to emerge at an accurate timeframe.

This day might also bring to mind the fabulous film from 1993 starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell when Groundhog Day that took on a more humorous meaning.

Then again you may pay no mind to this day, especially if you follow our typical day to day forecast. The phenomena of another American tradition that stuck around is just that – another day to pause, laugh a little, and move ahead with your day.

While you’re doing that, I would like to throw out a challenge. Even if spring is more than 6 weeks away, what are you looking forward to in the months ahead?

Whether you cringe at the chill of winter and hunker down hoping not to succumb to seasonal affective disorder or come alive at the sight of snow, consider the importance of living in the moment AND maintaining an excitement for life.

We’ve been cooped up and have sacrificed in one way or another through the pandemic, but don’t let it take your hopes and dreams away. We need that thrill that comes from looking outside our own cubbyhole and discovering a future you get to design for yourself – no hibernation necessary.



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  • Shannon

    My gosh I seriously have nothing to look forward too. Well dang. Wow this really made me think. I need to try to focus on something. Maybe focus on feeling better. Just doesn’t seem like a great goal.

    I love this as always!

    • Sharon

      You could look forward to planting flowers this spring or painting a new piece of art. Your photography collection needs to grow and get some exposure. You can always enjoy today, just because.

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