Recovering From Political Upheaval

How can we move past this historical election during a worldwide pandemic? It sounds like a dark thriller book or movie. Our environment has brought out the best and worst for so many, leaving scars on friendships and our emotional health.

It’s only natural to cling tightly to our deep, personal beliefs. But too many of us have done so to the point of losing control with aggressive outbursts and defensive stands that poison relationships. Others have watched our nation become unglued while fear and panic build to a frenzy.

There are several factors at play as we attempt to sort it all out. Government represents a sense of security, structure, and a set of rules. The more polarized we’ve become the more unrest and unpredictability prevail. The pandemic has uprooted our trust as well. We simply don’t feel safe and somewhat in limbo over how this will resolve and what the future will look like.

The bottom line is – what will post-election entail and how will we cope? We have to start with what we can control – our personal space and circle of influence. Take stock of your concerns and disappointments. Adjusting to reality takes time and accepting the crazy state around us can take a personal toll. As we enter the next stage with our leaders, write down what you can control, then what you can’t.

Feeling helpless will ultimately pull you down, but grasping at a productive plan for the next few days will lead you out of the haze.

If you have experienced disappointment with the results of the democratic process, the election or even the behavior around you, allow yourself to gain perspective. All things change and if you feel that your views are not represented, remember you are not alone. It is perfectly normal to feel a little out of sync for a few days. Work hard to not let yourself become wrapped up in dramatic predictions.

Share your thoughts with a close friend and reach out to anyone you have rubbed the wrong way. Reconnecting with friends and loved ones requires humility and will help you build on the future. No matter what our politics are like, your future can be great.

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