The New Way to a New You


In an effort to help you focus on things you can control in the midst of national turmoil, I’m offering a distraction. Let’s talk about you – specifically how you can stay on a healthy path. Have you already felt discouraged when tempted by gooey, fresh donuts or chocolate cake?

There is a good explanation for the predicament we land in time after time.

When our brain processes choices between taste and health, the pull toward taste is already off the starting line. It is deeply embedded in our brain’s reward center and sense of survival to grab the chocolate pie or sugar-filled cheese cake. Then comes our sensible, rational brain to add a charge of self-control to the mix, setting us up for an internal tug of war. The same set up presents when we think about the gym or a workout. That voice that tells us what we “should” do argues with the “want to” voice that far too often wins.

So, what gives? I have a statement that might turn you off right now- I believe we do what we really want to do. If you’re still with me, I propose a way to kick over the immediate reward path flashing ahead in a different way.

Healthier choices start with altering our perspective. We tend to postpone the healthier choices by rationalizing in the moment, but if we are in tune with a passion and prepared with a forward vision, we can win the battle of the mind.

To put it simply, we have to examine what we really want. Superficial wants are hard to achieve and very difficult to measure. Want to be toned, stronger, thinner? What will that number on the scale mean?


The stories of those who make drastic and lasting changes stem from an epiphany, an event that jolts your perspective. In order to give ourselves a push without a heart attack or waiting around for a voice from the sky, we can take a hard look at our values.

Allison Millet, Founder of BG Backyard Bootcamp, inspired me with her reason or “want to? For choosing healthy habits. She would like to be a mom and grandmother who is fun and active, the kind the kids work to keep up with.

That core value runs deep and bubbles out with each choice daily. I can relate to that. If I don’t fuel my body well and stay active, I strain muscles, get sick, and struggle to do the things I love to do.

If you value your loved ones and the life you’ve been given, you can identify your priorities. What do you want to feel like or be able to do?

A dramatic shift may not be needed, but adding healthy habits that enrich your life and make those long-term goals a clear shot, are worth your investment. After working through our inner values and who we want to live for or what kind of life we want to live, we will be ready for the tough choices. If it comes from a sense of “want to” we can more easily make the choice of an invigorating walk in the park instead of sitting it out on the old sofa.

Do something good for yourself today.

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