What Does Family Mean to You?


Some of us say things like, “family means everything to me” or “my family is my world”.

I can agree with those sentiments. For many of us, family invokes warm sensations of loved ones and feeling cared for, safe, and genuinely loved. Those relationships can be found within our homes or at great distances, including those we only see in our memories.


Adoption of family members both legally and through a commitment, sews together connections that promote networks of support we need for a healthy life. Yet, one of the common responses of every human is to explore our genetic history. Knowledge about our biological relatives can fill us up with a stronger sense of who we are and what characteristics we may have bottled up inside us (good and not so good). That may be why genetic testing companies have enjoyed great success.


To improve your mental health, consider enlarging or deepening your family bonds by planning experiences together like game night, volunteering for a good cause, planning trips, or signing up for a class together.  Watch for my live interview this week where I will be sharing a very personal story of a new biological connection that illustrates my wider devotion to family.


This new year has spurned a desire to deeply and fully love my circle of family – genetic material not necessary. I encourage you to search for opportunities to strengthen relationships within your definition of “family”. Who needs your guidance and encouragement?

Who can you mentor or instruct through your life lessons?

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