Celebrate Your Bond With Mother Earth Today!


Since 1970, Americans have been recognizing Earth Day along with a growing number of countries. Today, more than 200 countries around the globe celebrate our planet and consider how we can show it some love.


While our beloved planet groans and cries out in the midst of our human presence, we continue to see beauty and sustenance that supports us every day. Those spectacular canyons, prairies, mountains, waterfalls, oceans, and rock formations can take our breath away and yet we often take it all for granted.


Aside from the spectacular displays of color and grandeur of our great Earth, I encourage you to examine a personal and intimate relationship -your personal connection with Mother Earth.


My own start in admiring the planet came from farmers of the soil. The earliest memories I have include my father plowing up perfectly parallel rows in the field long before GPS was a thing. His efforts were quickly rewarded with shoots of corn and soybeans he carefully tended while keeping one eye on the squirrely weather. My mother instilled a sincere respect for sections of vegetable plants she nurtured in an enormous backyard garden.


I watched year after year as the tiniest of seeds transformed to sprigs straining upward, ultimately hoisting shiny red tomatoes and peppers into our grasp. Even though I didn’t volunteer to pull those weeds and hoe up the soil surrounding our future meals, I caught the joy of the miracle.


Today I still wrestle with my upcoming garden plans all winter and long for the days I can turn the ground and see new life emerge. I’m convinced my mental health hinges on living where the crops sprout and the animals graze. An incredible bond exists between myself and the dirt surrounding me. What’s your story?


As new generations rise up today, do they have connections with the planet? According to Kimberly Nicholas, author of Under the Sky We Make, “The average American child spends 7 hours a day on a screen, and less than 7 minutes playing outside.”


It sounds like screen time is replacing moments of solitude, star gazing, and that bond with the expanse of nature. In recognition of our beautiful, life-giving planet, I encourage you to walk among nature trails and take in the wonders of our surroundings. Even better, take a young person along and share the discovery of all our life-sustaining planet has to offer. Plant something, prevent destruction, or recycle our resources today. No matter your perspective of our climate issues, our great Mother Earth could use some love.

Bond with nature today, it will only respond in kind.

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