Author: Sharon

Don’t worry. I don’t have to watch a television show at exactly three o’clock on Sundays or huddle in a dark corner to meditate. In fact; the routine, rut, tradition, whatever you want to call it is based on something quite simple. Love. From my earliest memories, I toddled alongside my mother through the pastures […]

Would you like a magic formula for improving your mood, energy, and warding off many diseases and health conditions? Most of us do, but laugh at the simplicity or the likelihood that this is really that important or helpful. 

I followed my host, Anka, up concrete steps clasping the steadiest of handrails that reassured my pace upward all the while, propelling a threadbare carry on and bulging backpack. Thankfully, her imposing figure swung my over-the-limit suitcase into the landing of the fourth floor where she fumbled with her keys. The apartment lulled me inside […]

BOOK REVIEW Lauren K. Denton’s newest Southern novel, The Summer House led me through a tranquil path, curled up on my porch swing. This journey takes place in the peaceful town of Safe Harbor, Alabama, where I would love to stroll along the water’s edge and visit the endearing characters of this novel. Two strong […]

There is no way to describe the feelings that churned inside as I walked toward a beautifully sculpted park in Berlin last year. Scouring the corner, I tried to visualize her image. It had been years since my German daughter, Franka, said goodbye to me at the airport, tears budding in our eyes. We both […]

BOOK REVIEW Jojo Moyes has outdone herself with a novel set in the mountains of Kentucky during the Great Depression. The Giver of Stars draws you in with immediate tension as five strong willed women dive into the roles of pack-horse librarians on a mission to spread literacy despite any obstacles. Complications of every kind […]

BOOK REVIEW The Scent Keeper is Erica Bauermeister’s heavenly work of art. This story is a unique coming of age journey for Emmeline as she grows up on an island with only her father. She is taught to navigate the world through the wildly complex sense of smell. The author is vastly talented in her […]