SHARON April 5, 2022SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Several years have passed since I’ve been able to go home. Not the one I sleep in every night with my family. I’m talking about the one I came home from the hospital to, and got on the school bus in front of, and ate my mother’s […]

SHARON March 8, 2022SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR How can something as simple as inhaling and exhaling alter our state of mind and health? Breathing is one of those things we completely take for granted. We rely on our body’s autonomic nervous system to keep us breathing while we sleep, eat, exercise, and sit around […]

SHARON November 5, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR I have been in love with Fall for as long as I can remember, even though I’m not so excited about the fact that winter is chasing its heels. Fortunately, I’m not alone. Autumn happens to be a favorite season for most people. All those pumpkins spiced […]

SHARON October 10, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR There are moments or long stretches of time we’d all prefer to leave in the past. One of the toughest things to do is distance ourselves from painful memories. Our recollections are not selective. In fact, some of the very things we want to forget most are […]

SHARON October 7, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR The question we all face at junctures in life is – how do we keep the fires of motivation burning? Everything we ever do requires motivation. To break it down even further we can have multiple sources of motivation for every action throughout our day and lifetime. […]

SHARON September 11, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Finding the good in people you come across daily is something most of us think little about. The unpleasant fact is that we all tend to judge and even criticize others across our interactions. That spills into negative comments about people, drawing comparisons, and ultimately separation from […]

SHARON September 5, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR David Bell’s newest thriller, Kill All Your Darlings, takes us through those mysterious college hallways where the inside politics behind classroom lecture halls are revealed. That pressure to publish is real. It’s easy to see why Professor Connor Nye passed off a missing student’s manuscript as his own. […]

SHARON August 29, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Simply put, empathy is being able to feel the experience of another person. If you’ve ever noticed a small child try to comfort a distressed playmate or even a baby closely watch a crying infant, you have seen the early signs of empathy. It appears as if […]

SHARON August 2, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR This summer read unearthed a range of emotions for me that seldom happens in one novel. Not only do I love magnolias, I grew up on a tobacco farm much like Austin Foster and her family. Unlike me, she grows up while raising her six siblings after […]

SHARON July 13, 2021SHARE:   FACEBOOK  TWITTER  PINTEREST  TUMBLR Now that the grip of the pandemic is loosening, we are getting on with life the way we once did. As with any great interruption in life, we can experience lingering effects of that season. But there is one topic we tend to bury and struggle to […]