Author: Sharon

BOOK REVIEW Lisa Wingate doesn’t shy away from giving a heart wrenching portrayal of individual suffering caused by some of the greatest injustices ever faced. Her newest release, The Book of Lost Friends is giving me a front seat view of historical events of the 1875 period of Reconstruction in the deep South of Louisiana.  I’m […]

The last car turned out of the drive, leaving a puff of dust in its wake. I turned to my husband with a weary smile. “Another family night in the books.” We strolled along the pebbled walkway toward the open grill, passing through the smoky scent of hamburgers and brats that trickle through the gentle […]

Gardening – Could there be more to it than food fare and pleasant scents? When I moved into the college dorm room I brought along my favorite clothes, posters, and my battered tennis racket. Just before leaving me to fend for myself, my mother waltzed in with something strange. A cactus plant. I eyed the […]

Once my mother became a widow, she shocked me. She had always been a humble woman who wore house dresses and toiled on the farm, devoting her life to church. This quiet little lady learned to drive, despite my serious concerns, then went on to travel all over the country and on to Egypt, Africa, […]

Blankets of rain and wind assaulted the seaweed riddled beach in Cancun, Mexico all week, transforming our long-awaited vacation into a staycation. I shook my head, giving my husband, Patrick that look. The brilliant sun sparkled through the open archways taunting us as we waited for the van that would take us closer to home. […]

Don’t worry. I don’t have to watch a television show at exactly three o’clock on Sundays or huddle in a dark corner to meditate. In fact; the routine, rut, tradition, whatever you want to call it is based on something quite simple. Love. From my earliest memories, I toddled alongside my mother through the pastures […]

Would you like a magic formula for improving your mood, energy, and warding off many diseases and health conditions? Most of us do, but laugh at the simplicity or the likelihood that this is really that important or helpful. 

I followed my host, Anka, up concrete steps clasping the steadiest of handrails that reassured my pace upward all the while, propelling a threadbare carry on and bulging backpack. Thankfully, her imposing figure swung my over-the-limit suitcase into the landing of the fourth floor where she fumbled with her keys. The apartment lulled me inside […]